Last year I wrote a book!  In the introduction, I gave a brief summary of who I am.  Here's a bit if you are curious about me...

I was born near Boston.  I am the oldest of three girls.  My parents moved across the country several times before I started kindergarten in California.  My young parents loved California and we went on many adventures to beautiful places up and down the West Coast.  We learned to ski, snorkel, hike, bike, run, travel and camp.  We made great memories, and I learned to live in the present moment.

I was a shy child.  I preferred to spend time alone.  I read, drew, created things out of paper, and wrote many letters.  I was very creative and I got new ideas constantly.  Many of the ideas ended up in journals, poems, stories and art projects. I remember choosing to be brave in fourth grade.  I decided not to be shy any longer.  I became a soccer player.  I started to try new things, like being in the play and speaking in public.  I enjoyed learning and tried to do my best.  I felt safe in my home and my community and that I could thrive there.

In high school, I enjoyed challenging classes, year-round team sports, many clubs, and leadership positions.  I loved to compete and to get involved.  I was very busy and active.  I knew many people and admired those with great talent.  I gravitated towards people who were positive, nice, and funny. We played sports, worked at a day camp, rode bikes around our neighborhood, and danced.  We laughed a lot.  I learned to set goals and reach them with determination.  I was very focused and content.

I like to think that this spirited child is still in me, even though I look a little older, and have been through a lot of life.  This is the spirit that I try to bring to the art that I create.  It's my foundation - one that I am very thankfulful for, and try to build on when I draw, paint, and write.

I think if we return to who we were as children, and be like children, we will remember our true talents.  It's those talents that are unique to each of us, and can be used to make art.

Here is a link to my book....