A few weeks ago I went away to a little spot in the mountains of North Carolina.  It was a beautiful and restful place.  I listened to the wise words of Women Who Gather.  I loved the stories the women told, the scripture they relied on, and the powerful trasformations that took place around me, and in me.

One idea - "The JOY Trail" caught my attention.  It is a trail of scripture that one can follow to gain strength through JOY.  I've been on that trail for many years.  It's been an uphill climb.  I've seen twists and turns, some very tough hiking, and beautiful views along the way, but I had never really stopped to look at the map to see where I'd been, or where I'm headed.

The JOY trail goes like this...

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. - Phillipeans 4:13

For the JOY of the lord is my strength. - Nehemiah 8:10

In His presence, I am filled with JOY and shown the path of life. - Psalm 16:11

REJOICE in the lord always, again I will say, REJOICE! - Phillipeans 4:4

I've relied on these verses for many many years.  JOY, every single day puts me in His presence, sets me on the right path, and provides strength.  Every day: I rise early, I pray, I sing, I thank.  I listen, I read, I write, and I plan.  I agree with, I delight, and I rejoice.  Then I walk through the day with strength.

Credit to "Women Who Gather" - Elizabeth Braswell and Erin Hamby Littleson.  So enlightening and real!  I encourage you to find them for more love and light and gathering.