Sometimes in life, things go sideways.  Chaos swirls.  Earthquakes shake.  In those times it is important to remember who you are and who you stand with, to stay on course and to keep walking your path.  

Lately, I've been walking through one of those times of shaking.  I've been living day by day, not knowing what will happen next.  I am learning to trust, to let go, and to go with the flow.  Sometimes my day goes as planned, other times not so much.  I try to stay in the present moment, not worry, and be helpful, wherever I end up. 

Some things are helping keep my foundation strong.  "Remaining Jane" is one of those things.  I know what makes me happy.  When I take the time to see beauty and humor and have some fun EVERY DAY, I am happy, and my whole house is happier too.  I'm trying to fit in things like bike rides, and walks, and painting flowers.  These things bring me joy, and strength, and I remain Jane.

A verse I've never noticed before, has become a solid rock for me.  "Be Strong and have courage.  Do not be afraid or tremble.  God is with you.  He will not fail you or abandon you."  Deut.  31:6.  Knowing who I am and who I stand with, keeps me on course and walking the path laid out before me.