This painting was inspired by the Sun Run in Mazuma, WA.  My friend Kim asked me to use photos of the area and sunflowers to create an original painting to hang on her wall.  She also asked for cards to give to the friends that she does the run with yearly.

It was my pleasure to paint this for her.  I hope she enjoys it, and that it reminds her of the memories she created with her friends that day.

I love that she scattered joy by giving cards of the painting to each friend.  Now they have a reminder of the trip that they went on together.

She told me that she was struck by the idea to ask me to paint it suddenly one day last year while she was on a hike.  I'm so happy that she chose to contact me.  Together we were able to create something brand new, out of nothing but an idea.  I hear this same thing from other people when they contact me.  It's as if a little voice whispers in their ear.  It's amazing every time.  It's such a blessing to listen to an idea, then paint something to make someone happy.  It's like a heavenly job.  I love it, and hope to keep going, as inspiration strikes again and again.